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Since we first met, we have loved enjoying the same hobbies. We work in the garden, renovate our home and build structures.

If we aren't in the shop working on a piece, we are inside working on ideas for new works.

Our shop is named after family names. It is great to bring our past in with our present just like we do with vintage and new items.


Mike and Marianne
It is amazing to think of all the different creations that can be made from wood.  From shelves to boxes to bins and storage options - the list is endless.  The ability to use our skills and creativity to produce great one of a kind pieces is very rewarding.

We work together to create our projects.  One of our greatest joys comes from making a new piece to share with others.

Our products make great gifts or are great to cherish for yourself.   We invite you to view our product gallery and find your favourite. Contact us to create a custom piece for you.